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  • 17/01/2016

New : hand printed cotton batik tablecloths of Reza Sedighifard, Iran

All articles of the Seres Collection are personally selected during our travels. We like to combine our purchasing trips with trips to some lesser known regions to experience the culture and every day habits on the spot, in order to pass this information on to our customers.

Today we bought in Iran some extraordinary items for our collection. After a week of travel, and having compared prices and craftsmanship, we selected lovely cotton batik tablecloths. They are hand printed with blocks, and different patterns should be printed four or five times with different colors. Only master batikers do this and still have their own designs.

Reza Sedighifard, the artist that we have purchased a number of tablecloths from, also had two weeks ago the visit of the Belgian trade delegation, and is working for the Spanish department store El Corte Ingles.

All colors are of natural origin and the process is so good that the tablecloth can be washed even at 80 degrees without colors fading. That’s a lot better than the cheaper rugs that are made here, look the same (at first) but still shrink and fade after use.

The tablecloths are all different in color and design. Red color is made from pomegranate, black from walnut, blue from lapis lazuli and yellow from saffron.

The size is about 200×130 cm.

We only have bought 10 because at the moment it does not fit in our luggage, so first come, first served!


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